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Grenada for Taste ‘09 Competition -
GHTA Runs Gourmet Evenings to Pick Team Grenada


March 24th 2009, The Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association is inviting guests to be food critics for a night at a series of Gourmet Evenings, and become an important part of choosing Grenada’s National Team to compete in the 2009 Taste of Caribbean Festival to be held in Puerto Rico on 12 – 14 June. 

This popular event, organized by the Caribbean Hotel Association, has been a major focus for chefs and bartenders in the Region since 1996, and gives members of the food & beverage industry an opportunity to showcase their professional skills among colleagues, industry peers and culinary enthusiasts. Over the years Team Grenada has achieved Silver on two occasions, and is going for Gold in 2009.

After a break in 2008, the competition is in full swing again and already excitement is building up amongst local chefs and bartenders who are in contention to join the National Team and be part of Taste 2009. The first of the GHTA Gourmet Evenings will be held at The Calabash on Sunday 29 March, and tickets are available from the GHTA office. 

GHTA Executive Director, Pancy Cross explained: “Our Gourmet Evenings are a unique way to get Grenadians involved in choosing their own National Team, as well as providing a very different and enjoyable night out. How often do you get the chance to tell the chef exactly what you think of the meal?” She continued, “It is also an excellent way to give our chefs and bartenders practice under strict competition conditions; develop team spirit, and also raise funds essential to covering the costs of taking the team to participate in Puerto Rico.”

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The format of the Gourmet Evenings mirror the competition: teams have a set time in which they must create a menu, prepare and serve a three course meal for thirty-five persons from a mystery basket of local ingredients including the main protein items of fish, meat, poultry or game. All other ingredients are available at a fully stocked community table. The bartenders are allowed 20 minutes to review the contents of a mystery bar, design a drink and write the recipe, and 10 minutes to make the drink for judging. They have three cocktails to prepare, one of each using Rum and Vodka, and one non-alcohol.

Gourmet Evening guests are invited to critique each course in detail and sample the cocktails created, with a final score sheet returned to the GHTA at the end of the evening to go towards the final decision of team places: 3 chefs, 1 pastry chef and 1 bartender, which will be announced at the end of May.

Five Gourmet Evenings are planned at venues including Spice Island Beach Resort and True Blue Bay Resort, as well for the first time a Black Tie Gala Evening at The Grenadian by Rex Resorts. The GHTA wishes to thank the following sponsors for their continued help and support: Grenada Board of Tourism; True Blue Bay Resort; Spice Island Fish House; Calabash Hotel & Villas; Bluebeard Enterprises; Aquarium Restaurant & Bar; Flamboyant Hotel & Villas; Spice Island Beach Resort; Beach House Restaurant & Bar; Westerhall Estate; Grenadian by Rex Resorts 

Finalised details of venues, dates and participating team members will be published in the Press, or for further information contact the GHTA Office on 444 1353 or email at 



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